Lockdown and Security
Awareness Workshop

Course Overview

This package is intended to deliver lockdown guidance in the event of a marauding attack or any circumstances which dictate a dynamic site lockdown is required. It is ideal for those working in educational premises, industrial sites, the night time economy, hotels and high street establishments.

Due to the differences in sites and the various uses, we will carry out a brief survey prior to the presentation phase so we are able to offer bespoke advice in relation to the premises, the staff and procedures you may wish to adopt. Please contact us should you wish us to carry out a full risk assessment and we will be happy to report our more in-depth findings.

Sometime following the presentation and in agreement with the relevant authorising party, we will carry out a follow up visit and run a brief penetration test highlighting any key issues which need addressing. An action plan will then be formulated in consultation with your key staff enabling you to work through mitigation measures at your own pace.

Course Duration

2 days training room based delivery.

Course Delivery

The presentation can be delivered at our training rooms or at your premises by one of our Crime and Investigation experts. All the consultants at Millbank Solutions are highly experienced operators who have learned to train, not trainers who have learned the subject matter! We believe this is important given the gravity of the package content. However, we promise an engaging delivery which will promote discussion of ideas amongst attendees.

Course Information

This workshop is designed to promote an understanding of the following:

  • Understanding of what a dynamic lockdown is
  • Why lockdown procedures may be required
  • Understanding of Hostile Reconnaissance
  • How we achieve dynamic lockdown
  • Communication during the lockdown process
  • Importance of staff training in relation to lockdown procedures
  • What to expect on arrival of the emergency services and how to assist

Course Outcome

On conclusion of this briefing package, all attendees will have an understanding of dynamic lockdown procedures. They will leave with ideas of how to implement the procedures within their own site and how they may keep colleagues, clients, customers and the public safe from harm. They will then have the opportunity to put into practice the procedures they have adopted with the opportunity to receive feedback in order to further improve.

Further periodic test visits can be arranged.

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