Is there an insider threat to your company?

How do they do it?

Where once as a company, you were easily winning work and stood head and shoulders over your competitors, you are now struggling to understand how other companies are managing to outbid you. Sound familiar? It’s probably the most common scenario that sees us become engaged by companies.

The business world is an extremely competitive one and to succeed you need many ingredients. There is a view that you need a staff that reflects your ambition, containing individuals ruthless enough to meet objectives no matter what obstacles are in their way. Here lies the problem.

Management with that attitude tends to lose sight of what is going on around them. The clamour for the next ‘big win’ blurs the focus and they fail to notice that key individual who has underlying greed, despite being the best in their field. Those same individuals come to notice by executives within other competitor companies with the same drive and determination and thus, the headhunt begins.

What then plays out is effectively exploitation that sees the competitor receive information as to what may be being bid or intended by their adversaries. Contract won! This is just one example of how easily an individual can ruin a company and at the very least, its reputation.

How can we help?

At Millbank Solutions, our international corporate investigations team has witnessed the devastation the insider threat causes within multi-national companies, but also smaller enterprises who are ill-equipped to suffer such financial losses.

We utilise many years of experience to identify the who, what, why, where, when and how to bring you peace of mind and to enable swift recovery.

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