Intelligence &

Corporate Investigation

Having access to the correct information, preventing misconduct which could lead to reputational harm, or uncovering wrongdoing and criminality, means a company is able to function with the full confidence of all stakeholders, whilst ensuring profits and business objectives remain achievable.

Our specialist investigators are all former Police or Intelligence Service specialists and come with a wealth of global experience in the investigation of crime, corruption, fraud and forensic accounting, as well as many other specialist areas including;

• Surveillance (conventional and technical)
• Intelligence
• Digital Forensic Analysis
• Due-Diligence
• Employee and Background Research
• Process Serving
• Asset tracing

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Our professional Surveillance Teams are used to operating under pressure and anywhere in the world. We use only proven operators who have worked in hostile and otherwise difficult environments within the UK and overseas and all our teams are made up of former Police, Special Forces or Intelligence Services. Of course, the objectives of the surveillance will be thoroughly discussed with you to ensure we operate legally, ethically and provide the quality of evidence product you should expect and crucially, to a standard which is admissible in a Court.

In hiring our teams, you can be assured that we use every effective and up to date method available to us, which may include conventional or technical surveillance and often, a combination of the two. Again, we do so legally, ensuring your objectives are met at the earliest possible stage without compromising the integrity of the evidential product.

As with every service we provide, we see that constant communication with the client is essential. This enables you to know where we are at every stage of an operation and therefore you will be fully sighted when deciding to extend or end the deployment.

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Cyber Investigations

Our team of IT professionals, up to date analytical technology and Cyber investigators combine to provide a full assessment of the damage caused by a Cyber-attack and where the material may be being used. We will then provide services and product which will mitigate any emanating threat, harm or risk to your business.

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Employee Screening

Trusting individuals with access to sensitive materials, assets or locations within your organisation without correctly screening them, could spell disaster for the business and risk an unblemished reputation. Our investigators will remove the administrative burden and offer you reassurance with regards any individual’s background, experience, personality and skillset, ensuring the potential to develop an ‘insider threat’ remains minimal.

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