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What is Travel Risk Management?

Travel Risk Management (TRM) planning is designed to identify threats and risks to travelling staff and to help avoid a company or organisational crisis. Having cohesive risk management planning in place means both travellers and other stakeholders will be well-armed with relevant information.

Why would you need TRM services?

The damage to a company’s reputation due to poor travel planning, preparation and provision of in-country protection for staff could be severe. Our skilled team at Millbank Solutions will meticulously plan to ensure the safety and security of your travelling individuals in transit and in-country.

There are many reasons why you should have Travel Risk Management plans in place and most people will cite terrorist attacks, disease and natural disasters as some of the main ones. However, there are many more areas covered in a credible plan, which deal with the more day-to-day occurrences and could affect the health and safety of travellers.

What is included in a TRM plan?

At Millbank Solutions, we provide bespoke, cohesive and credible plans which cover several relevant areas including in-country transport choices, security issues, medical access, communications, crisis management and evacuation plans.

We inform your document utilising numerous intelligence sources, which we constantly monitor throughout the lifetime of the plan ensuring you remain empowered to react quickly should your situation change. Travellers will receive a full briefing on the current situation in-country prior to departure.

We can provide electronic live time monitoring of travellers where required.

How do I book Travel Risk Management services?

If you require leading TRM services to help you meet your duty of care toward travelling staff, please press the button below and request a free consultation. One of our specialists will be in contact with you shortly.

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