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Threats to the education sector are becoming more common place, whether from terrorism, other criminality (including cyber-attacks), or from an insider threat. This makes planning and preparation essential in dealing with any issues which may cause disruption to the school day. The safety, security and well being of children, staff, parents and assets such as IT infrastructure are at the top of the agenda for education professionals. Senior leadership teams within Schools and Academies are also busy with tasks such as, budget allocation and accounting, HR issues, planning, not to mention actual teaching! We aim to relieve the pressure of the security issue.

How will this be achieved?

Here at Millbank Solutions, our specialist Security Risk Management teams will work with you to create a bespoke Emergency Management Plan (EMP) fit for purpose. We are aware of the constraints on Schools, Academies and Colleges, and how they operate daily. However, every establishment is different and may have issues due to demographics, geographical placement or societal problems.

We will gain a full understanding of your organisational requirements and ensure you are able to react to incidents in a timely manner, thereby reducing the risk of injury of damage.

So, what elements do we cover in the EMP?

  • Roles and responsibilities during an incident
  • Post incident support
  • Business Continuity
  • Evacuation procedures
  • Invacuation procedures
  • Lockdown
  • School closures
  • Communications
  • Bomb Hoax and threat
  • Suspicious package procedures
  • Guidance on the use of logs and recording of evidence

Is that it?

No. Policies and procedures are there to be fully understood by all within the organisation and whatever their role. They become ineffective when not practised, reviewed, tested, then reviewed again! We will not only write your plan for you, but we will present it to the leadership, then following implementation of any recommendations, we will test it with you to identify any vulnerabilities. We have a range of follow-up services including travel risk management and the provision of table-top exercises and training to focus the mind on potential issues.

Contact us today to book your consultation with our experts and allow us to help you empower your staff. Remember, ‘People Make The Difference’!

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