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What is a Country Risk Assessment?

A Country Risk Assessment (CRA) is a detailed document, compiled following an in-depth analysis of threat and associated risk within a particular country, in which a company, organisation or individual chooses to do business or invest. The CRA will suggest mitigation dependent upon the risk appetite of the client.

These documents are designed to inform the commercial decision-making process and provide relevant up to date information for management, travelling staff and all stakeholders.

What is a Regional Risk Assessment?

With all the elements of the CRA considered, the Regional Risk Assessment (RRA), focuses on either a specified area within the relevant country or a wider geographical area which may include several countries. It may be that some threat and risk is geographical and would only impact on staff during travel to different areas in-country for example.

What is covered in our Country and Regional Risk Assessments?

At Millbank Solutions, every CRA and RRA document is compiled bespoke to clients’ requirements. Typical areas within the scope for analysis are geopolitics, terrorism, travel risk, security, current economic factors and the operational landscape.

Within each of those areas, a plan will identify threats and offer recommendations in order to mitigate risk. Our documents also include a comprehensive Journey Management Plan (JMP), a communications plan and details of measures to be taken should an evacuation be required.

How do I order a Country and Regional Risk Assessment?

That’s easy. Just press the button below, drop us a line and someone will be in contact with you very shortly. Please note, these documents take time to research and complete, so please provide as much notice as possible ahead of the required date.

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