Covert Human Intelligence and
Surveillance Support

For some Public Services, the world of CHIS handling and Surveillance is complex at best when working under Investigative Powers Legislation. With new powers and codes of practice come added issues in terms of compliance and risk, which must be dealt with thoroughly and robustly if you are to continue to operate within the law.

Millbank Solutions are experts in this area. From the application stage to execution, we are equipped to consult and guide to ensure you are operating effectively, efficiently and legally. We have subject matter experts in Tradecraft and Surveillance and currently train and consult with Police, Government Agencies and the Armed Forces, both in the UK and around the World. Our consultants are former Authorising Officers, Controllers and CHIS Handlers, and have operated in Crime and Counter Terrorism arenas globally.

If you feel you would like reassurance coverage, guidance or services in this area, contact us here to discuss your requirements.

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