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Training Packages

The following online open-source intelligence (or OSINT) training packages are designed to enable individuals utilising research and analysis skills, to navigate the surface and deep web to find open-source information relevant to their work. They also include an introduction to Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) gathering and methodology.

Utilising widely available online tools, you will learn how to gather and assess information, exploit data, test provenance and turn findings into actionable intelligence. All packages feature engaging scenario-based exercises and are delivered by experienced, former government analysts currently working in the intelligence industry.

Our training courses are delivered either in-person or online anywhere in the world, with the subject matter and scenarios adapted to the requirements of the requesting organisation. Each course requires a minimum of six and a maximum of eight learners (one-to-one training can be provided if required).


Open Source Intelligence Analysis Skills (OSINT) (2 days)

This course includes an overview of the analysis toolkit and cycle, 5W+H, targeting toolkit, introduction to open-source intelligence (OSINT), creative thinking, analytical charting, intelligence gaps, report writing, and briefing skills.


Analytical Skills (2 days)

This learning covers critical thinking, including analysis of competing hypotheses (ACH), Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats for brainstorming, starbursting, inference development (premise and inference), key assumptions check (KAC), bias and prejudice, influence and persuasion, and the uncertainty yardstick.


Operating Online (2 days)

Several scenario-based exercises (written and briefed by the trainer) as well as ‘show and tell’ training in order to guide participants through OSINT and social media intelligence (SOCMINT) techniques, how to stay safe and secure as an online operator and how to find and analyse the information (companies, people, places etc) for further progression. Dark web investigation techniques can also be offered as part of this course for an additional fee.


Operating Covert Human Intelligence Sources (CHIS) Online (4 days)

Training on all basic open-source intelligence (OSINT and SOCMINT) techniques from the Operating Online course combined with how to create an online legend, intelligence gathering techniques and running CHIS via online means. Special attention is given to the safety and security of operating online in this way, along with how to keep records of online data. The course will also inform participants on how to move CHIS from the virtual world into running them in the real world.


Online Financial Investigation (4 days)

This course will provide delegates with the tools, knowledge and skills required to conduct financial investigations as well as cryptocurrency tracing for evidential and/or intelligence purposes. We also cover analytical techniques and how to detect money laundering in line with anti-money laundering (AML) and know your client (KYC) checks.


For further information on fees and overseas courses, drop us a line via the link below.