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If you intend to conduct business or organisational operations in places such as remote overseas areas, a region considered hostile, or a city with a history of civil unrest, you first need to attend our HEAT (Hostile Environment Awareness Training). Millbank Solutions, in association with our strategic partners, provide a comprehensive package designed to equip you and your team with essential security and cultural knowledge bespoke to your intended destination. Knowledge that ultimately could save you from serious injury or a life-threatening situation!

Please note, this course requires a minimum of six attendees. Checks will be carried out to confirm suitability for training.

Course Duration

Up to five days in total, dependent upon the client’s requirements.

Course Delivery

This course is delivered via a combination of classroom-based learning and practical scenarios. It can be delivered across several sites within the UK and Ireland and we offer full accommodation packages dependent on the site chosen and duration of the course.

The subject matter is delivered by former armed forces specialists who have a wealth of experience on operations in the harshest and most hostile of environments around the globe. We aim to offer clients the very best experience and arm you with the required knowledge to keep you and your fellow travellers safe from harm.

Course Information

As part of the full course, we cover elements such as: –

  • Threat Assessment
  • Personal Security Awareness Training (PSAT)
  • Hostile Environment and First Aid Training (HEFAT)
  • Cyber Security and Communications
  • Team and Organisational Security
  • Vehicle Security
  • Crime and Civil Unrest
  • Natural Disaster

We also understand that some elements require practice in order to fully understand the implications of a given situation. Therefore, we run realistic practical exercises designed to prepare you for any threats you may face.

Course Outcome

At the conclusion of this course, all attendees will have the confidence to deploy within their intended environment and have a full awareness of security and cultural issues which may influence their actions in-country. They will be able to use these new skills to keep themselves or others safe from harm or compromise.

Contact us for further details should you wish to discuss HEAT training for your company, team or organisation.

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