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Imagine travelling to or working in an environment where you felt as though you were being watched, followed and otherwise monitored. Information may be being gained by competitors, or other hostile individuals or groups, who may use your movements and routines to build an intelligence picture which could be used against you or your company. Millbank Solutions understands that having the skills to detect such surveillance will assist you in determining what course of action you will then take.

On this course you will be taught basic covert anti and counter-surveillance techniques by our experts, all of whom are former Special Forces, Police Counter Terrorist Officers and Intelligence Services Operatives.

Please note, this course requires a minimum of six attendees (bespoke one-to-one training can be provided). Checks will be carried out to confirm suitability for training.

Course Duration

Three days in total

Course Delivery

The course is a mixture of practical and classroom-based training. It will include both mobile and foot elements of the package. Training will be delivered by former operatives, all of whom have deployed anti and counter-surveillance techniques as part of their normal working routine. They have worked all over the world on operations and in the most challenging of environments. All of the consultants at Millbank Solutions are highly experienced operators who have learned to train, not trainers who have learned the subject matter! We believe this is important given the gravity of the package content. However, we promise an engaging delivery which will promote discussion of ideas amongst attendees.

Course Information

This course is designed to introduce the attendee to covert anti and counter-surveillance skills. The following key areas will be examined:

  • Overview and basic practical examples of surveillance
  • Anti-Surveillance (AS) theory and practical
  • Counter-Surveillance (CS) theory and practical
  • Understanding the environment and cover
  • Communications
  • Route planning
  • Use of technical equipment

Course Outcome

At the conclusion of this course, all attendees will have the confidence to deploy anti and counter-surveillance techniques in any environment and regardless of location. They will be able to use these new skills to keep themselves or others safe from harm or compromise.

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