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Course Overview

This package is intended for those individuals and teams from police, government and non-government organisations, already trained and working in a role involving the cultivation, recruitment and handling of covert human intelligence sources (CHIS).
This 2-day refresher package will ensure your skills remain current and you’re not caught out by the many pitfalls found in this often-unseen role.

Course Duration

2 days training room and scenario-based delivery.

Course Delivery

The presentation can be delivered at our training rooms or at your premises by one of our subject matter experts. All the consultants at Millbank Solutions are highly experienced operators who have learned to train, not trainers who have learned the subject! We believe this is important given the gravity of the package content. However, we promise an engaging delivery that will promote discussion of ideas amongst attendees.

Course Information

This workshop is designed to revise and test understanding of the following:

  • Effective Tradecraft
  • Use of Cover
  • Risk Assessment and Reporting
  • Policy Logs
  • Digital Compromise
  • Personal Security

Course Outcome

At the conclusion of this course, the learner will be confident that they have a full understanding of the risks associated with the handling and control of CHIS.

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