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Professional Global Surveillance Services

Our professional surveillance teams are used to operating under pressure and our services are available anywhere in the world. At Millbank Solutions, we deploy only proven operators who have worked in hostile and otherwise difficult environments within the UK and overseas. All members of our North East and London-based teams are made up of former police, special forces or intelligence services and have a wealth of experience.

Before deployment, the aims of the surveillance will be thoroughly discussed with you to make sure we operate ethically and provide the quality of evidential or intelligence product you should expect and crucially, to a standard admissible in a Court where required.

In hiring our teams, you can be assured that we use every effective and up to date method available to us, which may include conventional or technical surveillance and often, a combination of the two. Again, we do so legally, ensuring your objectives are met at the earliest possible stage without compromising the integrity of the evidential product. These measures are often utilised proportionately during a corporate investigation for example.

As with every service we provide, we see that constant communication with the client is essential. This enables you to know where we are at every stage of an operation and you will be fully sighted when deciding to extend or end the deployment.

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