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Global Fraud Investigation Services

The impact of fraudulent activity on a company can be catastrophic. In the worst-case creating untold damage and stripping it of millions in revenue or lost business within minutes. For individual victims, bank accounts can be emptied by unknown entities in a short period of time, removing what has taken a lifetime to save. Identities can be forged using false details, leaving huge debts against a name of an unwitting victim.

At Millbank Solutions, our fraud investigators and corporate investigation specialists are used to dealing with complex issues around fraudulent activity and the latest methods available to the perpetrators of crime. They work tirelessly to identify the source of the act and of course, the location of any stolen funds.

In an ever-changing criminal landscape, methods and the equipment used when committing crime are becoming more sophisticated and therefore, we use all available resources and specialist skills to help us achieve our aim, ensuring any damage or risk of future attack remains minimal.

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