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What Do Corporate Investigators Do?

Professional corporate investigators are usually engaged as an independent investigative consultant, to help you understand what wrongdoing may have taken place in the workplace, or anywhere where the reputation of your company could be damaged due to misconduct by staff or any other person. They also assist company legal counsels and commercial litigators with their investigative requirements.

Why Do I Need A Corporate Investigator?

Having access to the correct information, preventing misconduct which could lead to reputational harm, or uncovering wrongdoing and criminality, means a company is able to function with the full confidence of all stakeholders, whilst ensuring profits and business objectives remain achievable.

What Services Can Investigators Provide?

At Millbank Solutions, our investigators are all former specialist police or UK intelligence services operatives and come with a wealth of global experience in the investigation of major crime, corruption, fraud and forensic accounting, as well as many other specialist areas including:

Where Can Corporate Investigators Work?

Our investigators work within numerous different industries such as legal, manufacturing, hospitality, automotive, oil and gas and pharmaceutical. We currently have clients across the world, but we are not restricted by cross-border operational issues. We do however, always work within the laws of the land in which we are deployed.

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