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Due Diligence Translation? Think Millbank Solutions

It’s no secret that many companies still use machine translation to convert their website, important reports and even legal documents into different languages. Google Translate, which appears to be the most popular of these applications, has come a long way since it was first launched in 2006. However, I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count how many clients still come to me and ask for a document that has been translated by machine translation software to be corrected. These clients have clearly sent the document and had some less than positive feedback before getting a human translator to put it right. Why risk your business in this way?

At Millbank Solutions, we don’t just have the capacity to translate documents, we have people who can perform due diligence tasks, as well as other business activities, across many countries. We are highly experienced in researching and producing high-quality reports and documentation as well as having the systems and processes in place to adapt to the many circumstances associated with due diligence activity and business deals. What’s more, we can do this in many languages. It isn’t just the end product that gets that translation treatment.

Kat Caudrelier, Head of Intelligence at Millbank Solutions explains, “Only a human translator can understand a text’s true context and provide the perfect grammar required. Due diligence needs to be completed by someone who has fluency in the target language as it is essential that important points are not overlooked or lost in translation when researching information. However, there is little value in translating detail that is not relevant to the process or the investigation, so as well as delivering a high-quality product, Millbank Solutions offers real value as we wouldn’t need to translate every piece of data that we research.”

When investigation and analysis can be done by a professional who fully grasps the requirements as well as performs the task in both incoming and outgoing languages, why would you even consider using machine translation?

With an international network of subject matter experts and our in-house expertise, we can provide a solution to fit any multilingual requirement.

So, whether you require a legal document, a pre-litigation report or a full due diligence service in 1 or several languages, we’re here to help.


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