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Due Diligence in Fintech

Fintech investors, listen up…

There are many types of due diligence. Millbank Solutions is well known for producing standard and enhanced due diligence reports to verify the identity of a person or business within the UK and overseas. What some people may not know is that we also conduct Commercial Due Diligence to reassure businesses that whoever they are dealing with, is legitimate and worth investment before signing on the dotted line.


But what is Commercial Due Diligence (CDD)?

CDD is the process of understanding and analysing a company’s commercial attractiveness for a client who is usually looking to invest or do business with them in some way.

We provide a full overview of the internal and external workings (from IT infrastructure to the position in the market) as well as any potential risks associated with the business to enable the client to make an informed decision on how they want to proceed.

The challenger banks and fintech space is growing rapidly and as part of our CDD, we incorporate Technical Due Diligence which assesses the IT architecture, infrastructure, and security amongst other aspects.

Here at Millbank Solutions, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile and ensuring our clients are well looked after. This is an important aspect of the due diligence work that we carry out. Every report we produce is accurate and stands up to scrutiny. We analyse the small things – from customer support to IT software – as well as the big things – country and regional risk assessments bespoke to your investment requirements.


If you are considering your next investment, purchase or acquisition. Millbank Solutions is here to help you!


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