British Close Protection Companies and the qualities they look for in their staff

British close protection companies offer services to organisations or individuals who are at risk either because of their work or their status in society.

These groups of clients require protection from risk, whether that’s to their assets or even more critically, their lives. So what assurances should you look for in a company that offers services like close protection or travel risk management? In other words, what skills, abilities and qualities does a bodyguard need to keep you safe? This article outlines some features of an effective service. The first requirement is a suitable background. Training in close protection is a must, but it is an added reassurance if the individuals hired by the company have previous military or police experience.

British Close Protection Companies
British Close Protection Companies

What skills do the best security risk management staff possess?

Employees of British close protection companies clearly need to be able to defend themselves – and you as their client – from any form of attack. Most close protection officers will have had experience and training in handling a firearm.

But there are, of course, situations in which it is not permitted or desirable for a bodyguard to carry a gun. Therefore, training in martial arts or another form of hand-to-hand combat is essential for being able to shield the client or otherwise neutralise an attacker. Also important is the ability to be able to drive a car or other vehicle, and not just to the average standard. Completion of advanced and defensive driving course is advisable.

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Millbank Solutions Ltd offers the best qualified staff for close protection

As for personal qualities, any individual employed by British close protection companies must be physically fit; and be able to think on their feet and to react fast to emerging situations.

You can rest assured that every active member of staff at Millbank Solutions LTD has been extensively vetted and tested to ensure that they have all these competences and more besides. If you would like to discover more about our qualifications to take your safety into our hands, then call us with any questions or to discuss your requirements in detail on +44 (0) 191 909 7007.

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British Close Protection Companies
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