Use Your Intelligence

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Surprise has often been declared when we speak about the niche areas in which we as a company operate, our corporate intelligence services being a perfect example. After all, why would you even consider that tactics and techniques used by operatives from the Police and Security Services could be used to great effect across the business landscape? In fact, our intelligence products are in high demand by many forward-thinking executives across the globe.

Intelligence in the business context is much similar, by definition, to that which is gathered by the various government agencies around the world. It is usable provenance-checked information used to inform the strategic decision-making process and to identify commercial opportunities. It is a resource that has been used for many years, with capabilities improved due to the emergence of new technologies, increased demand for relevant information product and the need for reassurance by invested stakeholders.

The benefits of relevant intelligence product are far-reaching in terms of the potential to increase revenue and accelerate growth. They can include a boost to operational activity, early identification of threat to operations, stakeholder reassurance, competitive advantage, loss avoidance and confirmation of valid opportunities.

To meet the objectives of any intelligence brief, credible companies providing these services utilise a combination of the latest analytical technology and where necessary, human information sources. This approach is essential to ensure the validity of the product, particularly in emerging overseas markets and developing economies. However, the gathering of the required data and information must be done lawfully and ethically. There is a responsibility not only on the company providing the service, but also the client, who must ensure they choose a supplier wisely. Not doing so could result in serious damage to organisational reputation and significant financial loss due to regulatory or criminal penalties.

Fortunately, we are fully sighted on the pitfalls, so you are in safe hands. We have advised and provided services to C-level executives in multi-national companies around the world and to lawyers across the UK in relation to their client’s requirements, such is the thirst for knowledge. All our analysts and operators work ethically and professionally with a keen eye on the ever-changing threat landscape.

‘Intelligence’ isn’t a dirty word. If you’re not utilising credible and relevant services, you could be missing out. To book a free consultation, contact Millbank Solutions at or call us on +44 (0)208 191 9979 / +44 (0) 191 909 7007