Happy New Year

2020. You Won’t Be Missed!

Where do I start with 2020?

It’s been just dreadful for many people and a devastating year for businesses of all sizes. Hopefully, 2021 will at least bring some welcome respite, but I fear there’s a little more pain to endure. Hang tight everyone, we’ll get there!

For us at Millbank Solutions it’s honestly been a mixed bag. We started the year strongly then found ourselves (as most did) having to adapt our service delivery and push our online packages, which saw an increase in overall output beyond expectations. The demand for our due diligence, market-entry, country risk analysis and pre-litigation asset reports, saw us securing new clients and broaden our global reach within UK companies with a significant interest overseas. We also began delivery of reports to new law firm clients and partners, which again was an area we hadn’t previously been overly familiar with, but it has provided significant opportunities.

Our investigation services haven’t stood still either. We have worked with clients on tasks from simple research and intelligence analysis to complex corporate investigations which without intervention, could have seen losses into the millions of pounds. On the back of our ‘high-quality of service delivery and client care’ (their words not ours), we have now secured major international clients.

A record year despite the troubles and uncertainty we have faced. Only by continuing to push hard, making improvements and ensuring client care remains our priority can we hope to achieve greater things in 2021. We will though and all thanks to the great team we have driving that service delivery.

A huge thank you to them, not only for their professionalism but also for their unwavering support throughout the year.

I wish you and your families and very happy new year and hope you have great success in 2021!



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